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Coffee has a lot of labels these days. Is your coffee Organic? How about Fair Trade?

It’s true, there are a lot of certifications for coffee, and it can get confusing. We’ve tried to make it easy by putting as much info as possible on each coffee’s page.  About half of our coffees are organically grown.

And though they are not all certified Fair Trade, we are confident that the farmers are getting paid well for their coffee. Even Fair Trade is not a perfect system, and does not guarantee a wage that people can live on. Olam, the green coffee importer we work with has built close relationships with all of its farms. They invest a lot into the communities, including programs for education and health care.


I live outside the US, how can I get your coffee?

Send us an email and we can look into possible international shipping options.

I want to give coffee as a gift, what do you recommend?

Safari Blend is definitely a crowd-pleaser; we’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it! Most people are used to a dark roast. If possible, find out if the recipient has a coffee grinder. If you’re not sure, Drip Grind is usually a safe bet. Be sure to check out our current Seasonal Blend. Subscriptions are also a great gift for any coffee lover. When in doubt, you can always go with a Voyage gift certificate!

I’m new to specialty coffee. What do you recommend?

Coffee is subjective. Everyone likes something different. We encourage you to read all the descriptions and sample a few. We try to offer a wide selection of coffees that will satisfy everyone’s taste.

If you’re looking for something simple, try our Brazil. Mocha lovers will enjoy the Sumatra.

If you’re still not sure, send us an email, we’d love to hear what you like and give you a personalized recommendation.

I’d like to try your coffee before I buy it.

Contact us about sample requests.

Where do you get the coffee?

We work with a green coffee importer located in California. They have relationships with various coffee farms around the world.

I roast my own coffee at home, do you sell green beans?

Yes, contact us if you’re interested!


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